And YES, to maintain your diet you need supplements.

“Supplements” A topic discussed by every person nowadays. Even he/she is a beginner or an advanced level athlete.

  • “Remember” supplements are not “steroids” period. It’s a common misconception mostly in the minds of beginners.

 What Is A Supplement?

Food supplements are concentrated sources of nutrients taken as a dietary top-up. They include fish oils, which have been shown to benefit heart health, minerals like iron to help prevent anemia, and a whole list of vitamins, from A to K. Supplements contain higher amounts of nutrients than are found in most foods.



So, let’s talk about the most common goal among bodybuilders, named as “muscle building.”

Now, to build muscle you need protein and carbohydrates. These are the two essential elements you need to pack up some muscle. Talking about protein, Common recommendations for the ideal daily protein intake typically fall between 0.8-1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight.

  • How do you plan to fulfill your daily protein intake?

Even if you eat five meals a day; you won’t be any near the recommended intake.

Supplements come to the rescue. It’s easy to take supplements, mostly they are in powder form, just add stir and enjoy. There you go, protein intake completed with any hustle and bustle. Now, hit the gym and go nuts!


  • Supplements make it much easier to get the necessary nutrients to build muscle and can even give you an advantage and enhance your training when taken a right and combined with a good diet.


Who should take supplements?

If we talk about bodybuilding, every person over the age of 18.  Young, old doesn’t matter. Supplements are essential for our physical growth and your specific goals.


What supplement should I take?

Here are three foods/supplements that I strongly believe every bodybuilder over the age of 18 should be using:

  • Isolated whey protein powder
  • Flax seed ground at home (or fish oil)
  • Green tea (not pills, just real brewed tea – no sweeteners or whiteners)


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Supplements are, without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of a bodybuilder’s arsenal. It is perfectly fine to have an amazing workout routine, but if your diet and supplement routines fail, your results will be compromised. Often, supplements are the difference between good results and great results.

Fat loss supplements

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Obtaining enough protein in the diet alone is often difficult. Theoretically, it is possible. However, by relying exclusively on whole-food sources to obtain one’s complete daily protein requirements, one risks the digestion of incomplete proteins, as well as placing undue stress upon the digestive tract.

  • Therefore, to circumvent the previously mentioned difficulties, a protein powder is useful. It’s a post workout drink, taken with water or any juice.

body building supplements - gold standard whey

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Creatine is an excellent supplement that when used as part of a strength program can produce great gains in lean muscle tissue for the user. When considering a Creatine product, purity should be of primary consideration.

  • In other words, creatine is for the strength you need to workout.

body building supplements - creatine

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There are thousands of other supplements in the market, but these two are essential.


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When coupled with an adequate fitness regimen consisting of weight training and cardiovascular work, supplementation can yield considerable results and elicit dramatic changes in body composition and appearance.


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